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Seaweed Biostimulant made from 100% Giant Kelp
(Macrocystis Pyrifera)

Boosting Productivity and Resilience


Agriculture is crucial for ensuring the long-term health of our planet and its inhabitants.

By employing practices that conserve natural resources and minimize environmental degradation, sustainable agriculture fosters resilience against climate change and promotes biodiversity.  

Unpredictable weather patterns further stress crops, decrease yields, and risk the world’s food security.
We are on a mission to provide our customers with state-of-the-art tools to reduce the reliance on harmful chemicals while ensuring healthier and stronger agricultural ecosystems.   

Top Benefits
for the Planet

We own the whole supply chain. From seeding, cultivating and harvesting our own Giant Kelp.

Giant Kelp is able to sequester 6.64 tonnes of CO2 per hectare* when fully grown, after 9 months.
*From the literature about net primary production

We are farmers, but on water – We rely only on nature, sparing natural resources like fresh water and nutrients.  


Our biostimulant mimics natural processes happening in nature. Plants are stimulated to increase hormonal production making them stronger, healthier and able to cope better with environmental stressors.  

We strive to have a 360-degree approach, building our solutions around 4 Returns:  

  • Return on Inspiration 
  • Return on Natural Capital
  • Return on Social Capital
  • Return on Financial Capital

Thanks to its composition and pH, StimBlue+ mixes well with fertilization and pest control program minimizing the applications of farming inputs. 


Top Benefits
for the Farmer

Greater yield and nutraceutical qualities 

Reduced reliance on external inputs (= chemical fertilizers, water irrigation)

More complete soil food web system 





About StimBlue+




Top 3 Benefits for Crops

1. Natural transition to reproductive growth 

Thanks to its ability to copy natural processes, StimBlue+ helps the plant to switch from the vegetative to the reproductive stage.

  • Higher flowers production   
  • Greater photosynthesis process and synthesis of nutrients  
  • Better fruits formation and maturation  

Field Trial Results

2. Improves Soil Health

StimBlue+ not only provides all the necessary macro and micronutrients for optimal growth but also significantly reduces the need for chemicals and fertilizers, relieving the strain on the farm’s economy.  

3. Improved plant resilience and efficiency

Thanks to its special components (e.g., laminarin and mannitol), StimBlue+ improves the activity of the cell walls, regulating the water flow between plants and the environment. By doing so, plants can cope better with environmental stressors and severe conditions (e.g., drought and heat waves). 

Field Trial Results

4. Improved and enlarged root system.

By mimicking auxin-like effects, StimBlue+ boosts roots’ activity to get stronger and deeper in the soil. This allows roots to improve their absorption and retention capacity of nutrients and water.


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