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Farmers helping Farmers : How to use StimBlue+

For best results, keep product in the refrigerator.

House Plants 


  • Dilute 10ml of StimBlue+ per 1 litre of water (1:100 ratio)
  • Use the diluted mixture to water your plants or spray on the leaves and foliage 
  • Limit the application to only once per month
  • Store is the fridge and use within 3 months

Field Crops 


  • Dilute 1/3 of the sample (33ml) per 3 Litres of water (1:100 ratio)
  • Will cover land area of 166m2
  • Apply 3 applications to crops and measure the result
  • Store in cool place and use within 3 months

Product Information

StimBlue+ is a Seaweed Biostimulant Made From 100% Giant Kelp (Macrocystis Pyrifera). 

It helps farmers:

  • Increases Crop Productivity And Resilience
  • Improve Soil Health
  • Reduced spending on chemical fertilisers
  • Increase Profitability
Farmers helping Farmers : How to use StimBlue+

Learn more about Kelp Blue and Stimplus+

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